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Mercury Toxicity in Fish
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Solano Grill and Bar

Opened in February of 1995 the Solano Grill and Bar was culmination of efforts by Sam Chen, Philip Chen, and Michael Stajer to create a unique and exciting dining experience in the Albany - Berkeley - Oakland area. Originally a basic seafood and hamburger restaurant under the same name owned by Philip Chen the concept for the current Solano Grill and Bar came after Phil's brother Sam graduated from the California Culinary Academy and had excelled under Chef Roland Passant at La Folie in San Francisco. The final result was the new Solano Grill & Bar offering a unique world class cuisine supported by an award winning wine list and professional attentive service. Opened in February of 1995 the Solano Grill and Bar was culmination of efforts by Sam Chen, Philip Chen, and Michael Stajer to create a unique and exciting dining experience in the Albany - Berkeley - Oakland area.

Director of Beverages, Philip Chen is a trained Chef who graduated from the California Culinary Academy. He has brought his love of wine to Solano Grill & Bar and has created a wine list unparalleled in the East Bay. The Wine Spectator accolade won two years in a row was just one of a handful given to restaurants in California. Mr. Chen prides himself on the knowledge he has given the staff which he believes ensures guests get the help to select the wine which is right for their meal. Various wine programs such as tastings and dinners are an integral part of Solano Grill & Bar.

Peaking from just behind the second dinning room at Solano Grill & Bar is a small portion of the wine collection assembled by Director of Beverages, Philip Chen. Awarded the Wine Spectator Magazine "Award of Excellence" in 1996 and 1997 the wine list features over 400 labels from California, France, and other parts of the world. 25 wines are always featured by the glass and the staff is well versed to give guests the perfect recommendations for pairing wines by the glass.


Why Asian inspired cuisine is so popular

You might not be comprehending right now how big our planet is and what number of different people, cultures, countries and everything else, there is. When you go from the east to the west, you will find an entirely different culture about every 1000 kilometer. You can amaze an escort with this fact but gather some evidence first because she will ask you to prove it. It's the same case with going from north to south, only that this way you will experience at least three different cultures every 500 kilometers your go. You can just imagine how many incredible and amazing opportunities that can offer to someone who wants to experience all of that. But let's stop talking about the whole and focus more on a specific aspect of a culture and that is, in this case, cuisine, but not just any cuisine, it's Asian inspired cuisine. Escorts Thailand love it, and soon you will find out why.


They just do it better in Asia

One of the first civilizations happened in Asia, they were the leading forces in everything back in the day, and most inventions invented by the west were already a thing in Asia. With Asia it is meant all the bigger countries there, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Korea. Their impact on the world cuisine is so incredible that you will find a Chinese or Japanese restaurant in almost every major city in the world. Escorts from Escort Directory simply love sushi and so do billions of people around the world, because it is just unusual and unique. Thai food is also something you will see on almost every step, as well as Indian food. The dishes prepared in these two cultures are individual, as well, especially when you take into account what spices where used and in what combination.


Why is it so popular, though?

Not only the cuisine but also snacks, TV shows and even series, music and movies made in Asia are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The reason for that is that the market is growing stronger there, the economy is developing at a fast pace, and people simply realize that a closed structure and politics is not the solution any longer. Escorts love this new approach because it opens the doors to visit those countries and experience so much that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

The main reason why you should try out Asian inspired cuisine, do some grill and bar or even go to the East Bay, is to learn more about yourself. Escorts find it amazing how much you can learn about yourself merely by knowing what you like and what you dislike. Being part of this world means being able to enjoy everything that is offered in any place at any moment. That is why you will find an escort in every city because there are always people who want to enjoy their company. It would be more fun, for sure, to enjoy some Asian inspired cuisine with her.

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